This option menu is reached from the Main Settings Menu.

A venue in KW is a location that meets a particular set of criteria. Once met, the lot can be registered as a venue. See Using WooHoo to pay the bills and WooHoo at school for more information about venues.

This settings menu lists the number of lots registered as a given venue type and is read-only. Venues are registered by clicking on the lot or building, and then selecting the Kinky option from the Pie Menu, and then selecting Venue. If the location meets the criteria for a KW venue, the available venue types are active. Note that a location can meet the criteria for more than one kind of venue, but it can only be registered to one kind of venue at any given time.


Registering The Red Rendezvous. First select Venue from the Kinky menu.


This establishment might satisfy the criteria for zero or more venue types. In this case, The Red Rendezvous can be registered as a dance club, but not as a hotel or as a cocktail lounge.