When the KW mod is loaded, a Settings menu selection is available under the Kinky Pie Menu selection. When clicked, the main settings menu is displayed, from which all sub-menus can be reached once KW is enabled.

The KW mod loads in a disabled state, and turning the mod on is an option available in the main settings menu. Besides turning the mod on, the Settings menu (and all the sub-menus) provide numerous options to customize the KW experience.

Note that some menu options are only available in the Patreon test build and not in the publicly available build. If a menu option is described in these pages but does not appear in your KW menu (or appears in a different location than indicated in this wiki), this may be the reason. Note that these pages will describe the Patreon test build since that is the more complete version, and doing so helps support the Patreon test community.