Nraas Overwatch: Recommended, but you need to turn off the Overwatch options "Clean up Outfits" and "Stuck Check Auto-Reset". (If you don't, Overwatch will keep deleting Kinky World's custom outfits, and reset sims (including your family) all the time because it's prone to false alarms.)

Nraas Register: This may interfere with Whoring. (You can use KinkyMod settings to remove Tourists or Paparazzi)

Nraas Story Progression: Interferes with the High School Feature. (Does not work correctly with latest version of Kinky World.)

Nraas Woohooer: AFAIK this interferes with KW because it does too much of the same stuff.

Additional Info found on LoversLab:

+NRaas Overwatch: Disable Clean up Outfits. This process automatically removes extra (> 3) career outfits that may be used by my mod. Disable Stuck Check Auto-Reset. This process detects lots of False Positives (A teen doing homework is not stuck, neither is grandma sleeping in her bed, so don't reset it!) that just break your interactions not just kinky ones.

+NRaas ErrorTrap: Install the DisableDereferencing package if you want to keep this mod (http://nraas.wikispa...rrorTrap Tuning).

+NRaas ShooLess: Not required with KW and may cause conflicts.

More detail can be found in LoversLab forum threads about KW, or in the Patreon discussion, as well as below:

Generally there is no problem with KW and other mods, however as outlined in the guide there are some issues with some of the NRaas mods. Not previously mentioned, NRaas Register will prevent Whoring (issue in 2.6, not tested with 2.7). NRaas StoryProgression also causes some issues if using the high school feature (like multiple script errors preventing it from working); not everyone seems to have this problem, but it has been mentioned on the Forums (it kicked my butt, I've had to remove StoryProgression). It has to be said though that a lot of the issues in 2.6 are fixed with 2.7, which offers far greater menu control, so there is always hope that all the issues will be fixed one way or another. So it's worth it to keep checking for updates. As the creator mentions, it is still a work in progress, but I for one, will be sticking with it.

+Potential Nraas Story Progression Fix for Playable High School: Before turning on High Schools, you need to disable Story Progression's permission to give jobs to high school students. You can do this by clicking on city hall and navigating to Nraas > Story Progression > Caste Options > Teenagers > Career: Allow Find Job and setting it to 'false'. (Note: Tested only for a few days, along with having removed Errortrap. Seems to be functioning as intended.)