Loading the KW mod adds a new "Kinky..." menu option to the Sims 3 Pie Menu that appears when a selectable object is clicked.


The "Kinky..." option has been added to the basic Sims 3 Pie Menu.

When the "Kinky..." option is selected, the top-level KW menu appears. If the KW mod is not actually enabled, only the Settings selection is available. Clicking it takes you to the main settings menu.


If the KW mod has not been enabled, only the Settings option is available under the "Kinky..." Pie Menu option (Debug is for development only). Go to Settings to enable the KW mod.

Note that when starting a game with the KW mod, it is helpful to review the numerous settings available, and then to tailor the KW experience to your preferences.

If the KW mode is enabled (which is done via an option in the Settings menu), more options are available representing numerous kinky interactions to enjoy. The options that appear are context-sensitive. They will differ depending on the Sim or the object being clicked, the current location of the Sim or the object, the current state of the Sim or the object, what KW settings have been enabled, and possibly on other world state data (time of day, presence of nearby Sims, etc.) and on internal mod state data.


If the KW mod has been enabled, clicking the "Kinky..." Pie Menu option reveals numerous possible kinky interactions.

Available options are:

  • Settings
  • Uniforms...
  • WooHoo...
  • Exhibition...
  • Get Dressed
  • Pee Outside
  • Set Physical Attractiveness
  • Shave Pubic Hair
  • Start Whoring
  • and more to be added!