Starting in the sex business isn't easy ... How do you take a back alley five-dollar whore and turn her into the sort of call girl for whom titans of industry will pay thousands just to be seen with?

-> To start whoring, most players seem to send their sim to a hangout or Dive Bar, then "start whoring". Woohoo skill level 1 is required for this.

-> If you want to level up quickly: Just travel to France, the tourist guest house is a pretty good early Whoring spot.

-> After several dozen customers and Thousands of sim-bucks earned, you'll get the option to enroll in the callgirl service.

Callgirls can get called to sims' homes, or use a hotel. If you don't have a hotel, simply place a house with a bar and at least one bed, turn it into a Hangout so it's open 24 hours a day, and register it with KW.

I'm not sure what the original author wanted to be on this page, or how they wanted it structured. Whoring is totally easy once you get started, all you need to do is enough customers. There's no such thing as a sim that can't be successful call girl, even my male sims managed to prostitute themselves. Maybe just replace this page with a link to the Prostitution page.