Q: What are the differences between Patreon and Public versions?

Patreon version is more up to date and contains more features (and more bugs) than the Public version. After some time when the new features are less buggy (thanks to my patrons), they are added to the Public version.

Q: What are WooHoo Categories?

At this time, there are five categories (in ascending order of difficulties and skill gains): Teasing, Handjob, Oraljob, Vaginal and Anal. Note: when performed by two males, Vaginal is automatically considered as Anal.

Q: What is a WooHoo Stage and a WooHoo Sequence?

A WooHoo Sequence is composed of one or more WooHoo Stages. A WooHoo Sequence is initiated by WooHoo interactions (or directly by scripts) and can be performed on floor, pools, sea (or world ponds) and game objects. A WooHoo Stage defines the animations of each participants, the number of loops to play and the available genders, ages, species and locations. It also defines the WooHoo category performed by each participant/partner pair, the arousal change, and the clothes parts to remove.  Not all Sequences contain all Stages, depending on the specifics of that particular Sequence.  For instance, the Sequence that plays out on a small table lacks a Stage that includes a third WooHoo participant because a small table is not big enough.