There are difference that need to be set up before talking about Kinky world's Droids. There's a short description of every robotic kind of occult :

Simbot is the first one. Introduced in Ambitions EP, the Simbot's occult type is Frankenstein. They can be created from scraps using at the maximal level of Inventing skill or purchased as a LTR reward.

Plumbot is the second one. Introduced in Into The Future EP, the Plumbot occult type is Robot. They can be created with the BotMakingStation using the BotBuilding skill or purchased in Oasis Landing at the Bot Emporium.

Simbot and Plumbot have different needs and motives. Some interactions are available for one but not the other and vice versa.

A KW Droid is a Plumbot that looks like human. The only difference between a plumbot and a droid (except the appearance) is that a droid can grow and age up from baby to elder.

In order to create androids, you'll first need to activate the human/plumbot hybridation findable under Kinky World>Setting>Pregnancy, and a Plumbot equipped with the Sexbot trait chip. It gonna allow Plumbots to perform kinky action. Then, plumbots need to perform Kinky sex and impregnate their partner (this can need more or less attempts, depending both of the female fertility and the sperm level (the fertility period can be adjusted in the pregnancy menu.) The pregnant and birth phases work in the same way, and the newborn should have some chip slot instead of traits.