Great kinky custom content Edit

What's your favorite KW-related custom content? Something you can't imagine playing KW without. Players share their finds -- the hidden gems buried deep in the web that they found and that work great with KW. A great pre-constructed Sim. Spiky heels. A little black dress. A romantic bedroom set.

  • Bedroom Clothing (includes a description of the clothing-handling options in KW)
  • cmar nudist clothing
    • Allows you to choose a nude option for all clothing categories. Uses defaults and so works with body mods.
  • Dresscode Sign
    • Allows you to set a dress code for a room. When any sim enters the room they will immediately switch to the chosen outfit without canceling their current interaction. This only changes outfits when a sim enters the room, and the sign does not prevent sims from changing clothes while in the room.

Useful behavior mods Edit

  • Shimrod Awareness Anims Disabled (registration required)
    • Possibly a bug workaround. But if you're getting cancellation spam and sims running across the lot to stare at another sim doing something kinky (or just wearing revealing clothing while eating cereal), this should help.
  • Variety Attraction by Fentonparkninja
    • KW has it's own appearance rating, but this mod also makes the base Sims 3 attraction system a bit more sensible (the one from romantic > consider attraction). In the base game attraction seems to always be at either 1 or 10 with few ever falling in between.
  • Romantic Reputation Recombobulator
    • Alters the (Generations) sim relationship hits from 'cheating'. Ever have a sim's significant other storm home and accuse your sim of cheating, only to check the relationship tab and see that you are still technically a romantic interest of the sim you danced with at prom half a lifetime ago? Yeah, this mod works to fix that.

These are very popular, and more general mods, but are particularly useful for Kinkyworld. Edit

And of course the mods everyone should have installed Edit

  • NRaas MasterController - Infinitely useful if you learn how to use it.
  • NRaas Saver - Auto save every X minutes. great for any modded game. TS3 isn't exactly known for it's stability.