Issue with all interractions

Hi, guys! been struggling with an issue for over a week now. I have many Nraas mods installed (Sims3), yet no Register, which is why I find it odd that, after a failed attempt to 'start whoring', absolutely NO interraction from the KW panel works anymore. The sim just gets stuck. When I tried to 'whore', I created an outfit, then the outfit appeared on the teen just fine, then I have no idea what happened. People dressed back in their everyday outfits and went home. Since then, I was unable to perform any KW action on her (solo interractions, debug menu - get naked, set state etc). Weirdly enough, I activated the 'start whoring' button while she was doing it with someone (for the first time) and at the end of the woohoo, she received 19.000$ (which had no other possible source but that). Could you... Help me reset the whoring part? Or make it work properly? All the other sims work just fine, all animations and interractions. Please help :(